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Supporting Nonprofit Research with AI

We are the Mike Hudson Foundation, a specialised AI donor. We help nonprofits use AI to solve social problems. We provide money, time & AI resources to support scientific research. 


We're currently evaluating Researchify, a programme providing volunteer AI specialists to nonprofits.

Causes we support include bio-diversity (ZSL) &, healthcare (Alzheimer's Society).


We also speak & write about AI for good & social markets.

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About Mike Hudson Foundation
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We want to work with UK-based donees who see us as long-term, collaborative partners. As well as donating, we want to help nonprofits by providing advice on innovation & AI.


We consider applications for funding of up to £250k for research or development in the following areas: AI for Good. Climate Change. Biodiversity. International Relations. Nonprofit Marketplaces. 


We only fund through charitable organisations such as universities. We're happy to co-fund with other organisations.

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Mike Hudson

Researchify helps motivated volunteers with AI skills to find interesting AI project opportunities in research-led nonprofits & charities, sometimes working alongside partner AI companies.  


Volunteers benefit from applied AI work experience with a nonprofit cause they care about. Nonprofits get help solving meaningful real-world problems from the next generation of AI experts.


Partners such as AI companies develop relationships with nonprofits, potentially with access to new use-cases & new model training data sets.


Researchify is in evaluation.

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Mike Hudson is an entrepreneur in technology & electronic markets. He now uses his expertise to help solve social problems.

Mike founded TestRAMP, a pandemic nonprofit social market described as a "major contribution to Covid PCR testing & genomic sequencing"  & donated its £2.4mn profits for charity. 

His businesses & nonprofits are listed on LinkedIn.

Mike is a Fellow of ZSL & adviser to its CEO. He is an honorary Research Fellow at City, University of London & a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. 

Mike is a member of the Responsible AI Institute & Chatham House.


He is a Foundation Fellow at St Antony's College, University of Oxford.

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